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Our Process

We are your trusted Minnesota business brokerage & commercial real estate firm, sale partner and advisor.

Whether you are merging, buying or selling a business or commercial real estate, our experienced team and national network work hard for you.

We know buying or selling a business can be a complex process. That’s why having the strength and experience of Palm Commercial Real Estate & Business Brokerage on your side can make all the difference. We understand the needs and concerns of both buyers and sellers and can effectively represent your interests when negotiating a business transaction. And understanding makes Palm Commercial Business Brokerage distinctly different.

Selecting Palm Commercial Business Brokerage  provides you with a significant advantage that can literally make the difference between a successful business sale outcome and a failed deal. As your Business Broker we will work with you through all aspects of the sale including valuation, marketing your business, meeting with buyers and closing the transaction.

Our Process

Research & Analysis

We assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses, analyze historical earnings and projected future performance, review the company’s operations and management infrastructure, and research the company’s industry and competitors.

This stage culminates in the creation of a confidential Marketing Brief and Outline that describes the client’s business and highlights the strengths of the company. We also present the Owners Discretionary Net Income including certain add-backs that the new Owner will benefit from after the sale.

Our Process

Marketing Your Business

Our marketing strategy draws on an extensive network and proprietary database. We prepare a well-researched list of potential acquirers that includes strategic buyers, high net-worth individuals, and private investment groups.

We pursue a controlled “auction” environment where multiple buyers can compete to acquire the company, then you select the best Buyer and price and negotiate an agreement in principle.

Our Process

Completing the Transaction

During this stage, the agreement in principle is negotiated and formalized into a definitive purchase agreement. Palm Commercial Brokerage plays a critical role during final negotiations and coordinating buyer due diligence when transactions may falter.

We guide the transaction to closing by introducing, if necessary, competent legal and accounting expertise, assisting the client’s other counsel to structure a transaction that minimizes the potential tax consequences. We can assist management during buyer due diligence and address sensitive issues, bringing the transaction to a timely and successful close.

Top 10 Benefits of using a Palm Commercial Broker

  1. Maximum Exposure – Our marketing strategy draws on our extensive Commercial Business and Real Estate sales network. Includes national commercial and independent business brokerage websites and various media methods, including,, and We also utilize several Social Media Platforms for more exposure.
  2. Time – You will conduct your business as usual without interruption. We handle the telephone calls and arrange for a convenient showing time.
  3. Qualified Buyers – We eliminate those buyers that do not have the experience, skills or the money to buy.
  4. Results – In most cases, there is no fee for our services until your business is sold unless the upfront marketing fee and commission discount is selected.
  5. Confidentiality – Your employees, customers or competition need not be aware you are selling your business until the transaction is complete.
  6. Professionalism – Palm Commercial Business Brokers are trained professionals equipped with courtesy and diplomacy. They are ready to help you through the details toward the successful sale of your business.
  7. Advertising – Palm Commercial Brokerage pays the cost of marketing your business.
  8. Negotiation – Our mediation helps minimize the effect of sellers’ and buyer’s egos in the negotiation process. We look out for your best interest as the Seller and our Client.
  9. Follow Up – We follow up on any prospect without weakening your sales position.
  10. Synergy – Only 10% to 20% of those buyers who respond to a particular ad buy that type of business. Only one in 400 buy that particular business. Your business will receive exposure to qualified buyers even in weeks when it may not be advertised.